“I’ve been attending Carmen Ministries’ Bible studies for over a year. I attend church every night, because I want to have knowledge of the Bible; you have to read the Bible in order to know it. My story is a familiar one. I was generally a good kid. I did well in high school and attended one year of community college. Then, one day I gave into temptation and committed a crime. I acted out in violence against someone who humiliated me. I am very sorry for what I’ve done.

“My life changed because of this event, and I’m determined to have some good come out of this terrible deed. I’ve never had a good relationship with my biological father and our relationship continues to deteriorate.

“So I turn to you and Carmen Ministries as my spiritual mentor and father. Your love has touched me and made my heart softer because you care about me so much. You are here and you reach out to me, which is incredible. Some of us here have fathers; some don’t. But because of you, we all know that we always have a spiritual father we can turn to and count on.”

Unidentified Male