Our Plan

End mass incarceration & cycles of recidivism

Three Step Plan

Being part of a family

When a young man is locked up in a correctional facility, he is with peers from similar backgrounds, most without a responsible father.  Carmen Ministries provides mentees who serve as spiritual fathers to these young men. For some, this is the first time a Christian father has ever shown love and interest in them.

Develop a Christian home

Eventually these same men are released back to dysfunctional homes and back to the streets; most are re-arrested. With the support of local churches and volunteers, Carmen Ministries helps to develop a Christian environment where a young man can turn to for hope, support and love all based on Christian values.

Follow-up services

Following up and keeping in touch with the men is an important role Carmen Ministries plays. For many of the young men, keeping Jesus Christ in their lives provides the necessary foundation and Carmen Ministries provides the ongoing support via cards, letters, texts, emails, Facebook messages, phone calls, lunches, dinners and visits.

Our Goal

Carmen Ministries’ goal is to have 100 currently and formerly incarcerated men involved in some form of secondary education.

From Incarcerated to Educated

Join us to harness the natural talents of currently and formerly incarcerated young men and redirect them toward education and the creation of careers and business ventures.


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