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  • Be inspiring to others by helping your own community
  • Transform a young man’s life

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Join our community of donors and volunteers that addresses the limited access to education, skill development, and economic opportunity for men with criminal histories by creating empathy and providing hope, rigorous training, hands-on mentoring, community support, and a clear path to economic security through employment or entrepreneurship.

“Life will be so much better now, and I trust Him with every step I take. I know He is guiding me toward great things.”

– Mike

Carmen Ministries certifies a select number of volunteers each year. A Certified Carmen Ministries Volunteer can provide Christian mentoring to currently and formerly incarcerated young men. Carmen Ministries supports these volunteers with immersive one-time training, ongoing digital resources and live, ongoing support. We help you learn our framework, consult with young men and, if you want, help transform a man’s innate talents toward the creation of a business and career.

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Carmen Ministries promotes secondary education, employment, entrepreneurship and Christian values as a tool to transform legacies and human potential.

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