End Mass Incarceration & Cycles of Recidivism

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helping incarcerated and formerly incarcerated men cultivate a relationship with Jesus Christ, transforming their lives through education and employment

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Carmen Ministries transforms the lives of at-risk men and men with criminal histories by guiding them spiritually through Bible studies and one-on-one mentoring. Additionally, Carmen Ministries provides support, where possible, removing barriers so these men are able to pursue educational, employment and entrepreneurial opportunities.

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Join our community of donors and volunteers that addresses the limited access to education, skill development and economic opportunity for men with criminal histories, providing a clear path to economic security through employment or entrepreneurship.


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The Carmen Ministries’ framework utilizes active participation and focuses on obtaining GEDs, the pursuit of secondary education, employment, and entrepreneurship with its primary emphasis on Christian values, transforming legacies to realize human potential.

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Build relationships and redemptive communities as you help a young man pursue personal growth and realize his educational goals, becoming a contributing member of society. Our program harnesses and redirects innate talents toward the creation of law-abiding careers and businesses.


Carmen Ministries helps create empathy and provides hope, rigorous training, hands-on mentoring, community support, and a clear path to economic security through employment.

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Transform someone’s life. Join Carmen Ministries in spreading the love of Jesus Christ to at-risk and convicted men.

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Carmen Ministries

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