“Dear Pops,
“I said I would write so here I am. I am at Bo-Robinson Assignment Center. I have to do three months here before I go to the halfway house. To say the least, the temptation is very real here. There are a lot of bad things that surround me, but by the Grace of God I am staying sober. I want to truly give my life over to the Lord. I know that this is going to be an on-going rough process, but it is what I want and know that I have to do; I want to be part of the “special force team.” I humbly ask that we keep in contact; I need to surround myself with my brothers who share this love for Jesus Christ. It says in the Bible that “iron sharpens iron,” I would like to have you to talk too while I go through this process. I am going to a Bible study here and N/A. Right now I am reading Joyce Meyer while in here. I wish to have you in my life and walk, please write to me soon. If you would like to put minutes on your cell phone I have your business card with your number that I can call. Please tell Frank I say hello, I look forward to hearing from you.”