“Pop Wood,

“Hey! How are you Pops? I pray and thank God for you daily. Know that I’m well and that God is still working things out for my good. Forgive me for the time-lapse; I’ve been keeping myself busy and staying true to God. I’ve joined the choir here and have been playing the keyboard and singing for the church services. I wish you could see some of the things God is doing in this place, I’ve seen people get saved; I’ve seen God get some people released out of the blue; I’ve seen people get healed from cancer and so much more.

“I know that prayer changes things and I am confident that God is moving in my situation. My appeal process has started so I ask that you keep me in your prayers, it looks good though, there are some good issues with my case that my attorney and feel that I will get my conviction over-turned-but you and I know that the God we serve can do anything we ask and beyond. So, I continue to keep faith and trust in the Most High GOD, giver of my strength and peace. Tell the brothers I send my love and encourage them to continue to pray and thank God for everything, remembering that their healing is in their praise. So “Praise God until praise becomes you!” Well Pops, I love you and thank you for all the encouraging words you shared with me they have helped me to grow and trust in the Lord more.”

Your Son,