“Peace and blessings. Thank you Pops for the card, I’m blessed to have a wonderful wife, she has been an amazing mother, and friend to me and my daughter. My daughter is very much involved in church, praise God. Pops, I go home on Mother’s Day. I’m going to visit you as soon as I get settled in and am situated. Once I’m home I’m going to take you and your family out for lunch so you can meet me and my family and we can have a beautiful lunch. I can’t wait to go home and spend time with my loved ones and people who have been there for me. Please, tell everyone I left Annandale that I send my love and blessings and that I’ll see them when I get out. Please tell the dude that used to come with you, that I said hello and that I said God Bless him and his family. Yeah, Pops I’m in this lock up, sometimes I go through it, but God always comes and lifts me up. Thanks be to God and you guys who always keep me in your prayers. The good news is that time moves quickly in here. Pops, enjoy your Thanksgiving, eat a big piece of turkey for me. God Bless you.
“Your Spiritual Son,”