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Thank you for visiting the Carmen Ministries’ website.

New Jersey-based Carmen Ministries is a Christian ministry dedicated to assisting “at-risk” young men.

Our mission is to provide every youthful offender the opportunity to hear and respond to the Gospel, to grow in his or her relationship with Christ, and to become a responsible, contributing adult.

In order to achieve our mission, we have set two goals:

  • graduate_1To establish a presence in all state and county juvenile facilities in New Jersey whereby offenders have the opportunity to attend weekly Bible Study Sessions and to participate in one-on-one Christian mentoring, and
  • To have 100 of our boys involved in some form of secondary education.

We seek to achieve our goals by maintaining our existing Bible Study Sessions and by adding more Bible Study Sessions in New Jersey county and state facilities until all facilities are covered. In order to meet our educational goals, Carmen Ministries offers encouragement and ongoing support to our boys in their pursuit of continuing education at all levels, removing obstacles as needed.