“God has been so incredible. I just can’t believe the incredible healing and drive I’ve attained. God has done a heck of a job on me and I’m so grateful. Life will be so much better now, and I trust Him with every step I take. I know He is guiding me toward great things.

“I’m finally free from the vices that held me. Like in the story of the prodigal son, the father saw his son from afar. Why? Because he was looking for him; waiting for him. I love that my father, God, was waiting for me but never gave up on me. When I finally came, He ran and threw His arms around me.

“For me, the definition of hell is having an understanding of how much God loves you but rejecting that love, so there’s only suffering and the loss of an immeasurable amount of love. Now I just soak and bask in the infinite love of His glory. I’ve never known love such as this.

“And you, Pops, played a big part in developing my relationship with God. You taught me that there is healing for EVERY man. Thank you for everything you’ve done for me. Your lessons continue to carry me along.”